Saturday, November 28, 2009

Flirting Tips 101

Ten flirting tips to get you started.

1. Attitude: If you don't have it, you can't flaunt it. The best flirts are risk takers with an unshakeable confidence.

2. Humor: A must-have. One of the core elements of a relationship is the ability to make the other person laugh; be it "at" or "with" you.

3. Believability: You have to believe you're a great catch or no one else will. Period. If you don't think you're worth it, you've lost the game before it's begun.

4. Assertiveness: Approach someone and start a conversation. And no, you do not have to be a male to make the first move. Welcome to the 21st century.

5. Accessorize: Not with jewelry and matching shoes, but with conversation starters like dogs, a good book, or a signature scent that's bound to attract attention.

6. Approachability: Nobody likes an ice-queen, or king for that matter. Force yourself to let your guard down and you'll make yourself more approachable.

7. Eye Contact: Don't stare the other person down; simply give them the attention and respect they deserve. BONUS: Direct eye contact also shows confidence!

8. Have Fun: Nothing says "comfortable" like a person who is willing to "let down their hair" and be spontaneous and goofy. It goes back to that humor thing!

9. Sincerity: If they are truly interested in you, they will want you to feel comfortable being the "real you." Don't be afraid to show a little vulnerability.

10. Smile: Not only does it show you're enjoying their company, it's contagious, and it makes you one hundred times more attractive and approachable!

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Juliet said...

I like this post, but I don't think it's completely true.
Attitude: not necessary, you don't have to be a totally out there in your face kind of person to attract people.
Humor: I agree, people do need to have a sense of humor to some extent.
Believability: "You have to believe you're a great catch or no one else will." I hate to say it, but not true at all. Some people actually think it's completley adorable if someone isnt all "oh, yeah, i'm amzing & i know it" to be honest, people that are liek that kinda disgust me. my boyfriend used to be the guy that was just too nice for all those horrible bitches he went after so he always got hurt, he was the guy that was alwys alone and depressed and really when i met him he had pretty much no confidence at all, and it just thought it was so adorable that he wasnt fake & pretending that he thought he was the greatest thing in the world. he was just honest
Assertiveness: i guess i agree to some extent, but my boyfriend is probably one of the shyest guys that would never approach anyone unless he knew them. he's far from assertive.
Approachability: once again, my bf, rarely lets his guard down. he rarely talks to anyone except me and a few close friends, and he's kinda intimidating just looking at him.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that about half the things you listed aren't necessary to flirt, and occasionally can be a turn off to some people.
Really, the things you said are ways of flirting with a CERTAIN TYPE OF PERSON.
I think, really, you just need to know someone really well to know the best/most effective way to flirt with them.

just my opinion.
nice post though.