Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Mysterious Look

There are different definitions on how to look mysterious, depending on if you are a man or a woman.

A WOMAN can attain a mysterious look in a number of ways, beginning with hair. If you do not have bangs, get your hairdresser to create fluffy, long bangs. Longer bangs give you a chance to glance casually upwards through them at your guy.
Try wearing the same perfume, so that he associates you with a particular smell.

A MAN can attain a mysterious air about him with clothes. Black always makes a woman think that a man is mysterious, and slightly dangerous, which is always attractive.
Put on a light scent; nothing too strong or she’ll remember you as being a smelly, mysterious man.When it comes to hair, just make sure to keep it cut neatly and out of your eyes.

You can use these tips not only on a prospective date, but on someone you’ve been with for a long time!

Be Sincere

You might want to restrict all those one liners and erotic strip down stares to the clubs and the pick up joints. When you meet a girl or see her across the street, try being a little more discreet. A smile as you walk across her might be reciprocated, eventually, even if not on the first time. If you've already been introduced, then greet her and stop for a minute to ask her about her day. Be courteous and pleasant. Let her feel happy to have stopped by to converse with you even if it was just for a minute.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Great Places to Meet Guys

CONCERTS: He’s in a feel-good groove. And since you like the same music, he’s likely to groove with you!
GAS STATIONS: Filling up is boring. Pass time by trying the eye contact move on the guy two pumps over!
VOLUNTEERING: With all the great karma that comes from doing good, you’re sure to make a connection.
AMUSEMENT PARKS: Go in a group with an odd number — then ask a hot guy to sit with you on the Python!
WAITING IN LINE: You’re both at the mercy of the slow barista at Starbucks. Why not talk about it?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Don't Hurry Love

Don't be in such a hurry to choose a mate. Take your time to choose the right person and it should be done in a smart way. Maybe the person is beautiful or dashing; don't judge a mate only on his/her outer features. Learn what the other person loves to do and try to realize his/her nature before settling.

Dating doesn’t mean you have already committed to love someone. Go on a date with a new person, analyze them, and get to know more about them and about their family members, their interests and so on. You may share your dreams with this person. Express your principles and ethics of life. Learn how they take this information in and how much they value it. It is these type of things that is so important for a successful love life.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Laughter is contagious in the best possible way. Having a sense of humor is about relaxing and being in the moment – it is not about being cruel or catty telling jokes at another person's expense. A girl can always poke fun at herself (though it is wise to remember there is a fine line between complaining about those jiggly thighs and sounding like a basket case with low self-esteem). But remember to laugh loud and often. At the very least, it guarantees a good time.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Romantic Ideas for Valentines Day

The number one idea is to make her feel special.
Hand make a coupon book for your honey is the best gift for those of you on a budget and it shows your thoughtfulness - what is more romantic than that?

Here are a few ideas to get you started
This coupon offers you one deep shoulder massage
This coupon is good for one free night with the remote control
I’ll fix dinner tonight coupon
This coupon is good for one day of your activity of choice
This coupon gives you one free strip tease
A coupon is good for 1 hour of cuddling
This coupon is good for 2 loads of laundry

For you Guys - Her valentine gift ideas
You guys always wait till the last minute for this very special lover’s day. Get on the ball this year here are some great gift ideas besides chocolates.
Massage oils, A romantic music CD, Candles, Body lotions, Perfume, Tickets to a play, concert or the movie that she wants to see, buy her a dress and take her dancing, heart shaped earrings, a heart shaped charm for her charm bracelet (or start her a charm bracelet with your charm), or buy her a new key chain and go to a retail store where they make copies of keys and purchase a blank key add it to the ring and it could be the key to your heart.

Other ideas:
Make her a Valentine’s Day Card
Write her a poem
Surprise her with a limousine ride for the night
Call her at work and play your song
A Night Under the Stars and take a Picnic
Surprise her after work or school and take her to happy hour
Write a romantic note in place it in a place she will to find later
Sprinkle rose petals in her car or room with a great valentine’s day card at the end of the trail

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Online Dating Don'ts

Online dating has its Con's. The good news is most of these can be overcome with some simple preparation and a few precautions.

Don't give out private information
Not at least until you are comfortable with your potential partner. This would include your private email address, your telephone number, and any Instant Messenger accounts you're using.

Don't use bad language
There's no need to use bad language in your profile. You want to look smart and cultured, not bargain-basement.

Don't be negative
If you're a pessimist, say instead that you're realistic! If you feel over weight, say instead you're big and beautiful! If you've had a difficult time in your life, say instead that you're at a cross roads - as one door closes another opens...

If meeting for the first time
Playing it Safe, safety should be a principal concern. Meet in a public place first during the day, maybe coffee or lunch.

Remember you are marketing yourself and like any marketing campaign first impressions count, so wear something smart and comfortable. Don't talk about yourself all the time. Show interest in what your date has to say about themselves, and remember to compliment them.

Misrepresentation online is a serious concern for genuine online dating users. As a result some sites offer marital status and criminal background checks for their members. However, even if a site does not provide a verification service, by employing basic safety guidelines you can make sure you play safely online, and when you eventually meet face to face.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When Is Flirting A Problem

Flirting can also be a problem. Ask yourself if any of these five signs are true. They're all red flags that you should cut down on your flirting:
1. You're leading on guys you don't even like. If you're flirting 'cause you need the attention - and not 'cause you actually like the guys you're chatting up - then you're doing it for the wrong reason.
2. You flirt with other girls' boyfriends. All flirters need to recognize who's off-limits. Even if you like a guy, it's totally against girl-code to act all cutesy around him if he's got a girlfriend.
3. You lie when you flirt. Pretending to be someone you're not will only make you feel bad about the person you really are.
4. Guys you date are afraid you'll cheat on them. When you're in a relationship, you can pal around with other guys - but the fun ends when the people you care about lose trust in you.
5. Your friends tease you about how much you flirt. Yeah, it's kinda fun to laugh along with them. Deep down, though, there's some truth to all their jokes.
Bottom line: flirting is fun - but if you flirt so much that you're doing damage to your relationships - and your reputation - then you've got a problem.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Ever really listen to girls talking about guys, you'll often hear them use the word "ANNOYING" to describe them and the things they do. But on the other hand you will never hear that from a girlfriend when she talks about a guy whom she is ATTRACTED to. Well, after taking note and paying attention to the local girl talk what is it that really makes him annoying?

And guess what I realized to be the root of the problem - IT'S ALMOST ALWAYS A WUSSY BEHAVIOR!
So here is a list of things that many girls consider to be "annoying":
- Calling too often
- Telling her that you have "feelings" for her too early
- Giving away your power to her and making her the boss
- Always asking a woman what she wants instead of leading
- Acting submissive and weak
- Accepting her demands, bossy-ness, and manipulative requests
- Being her doormat and putting your own needs aside

"WHAT?" you say. "HOW COULD THIS BE?"… you might be thinking how is it possible that demonstrating your affection for a woman by calling her, telling her how you feel, letting her make the decisions, and putting her first could be considered ANNOYING, of all things? Well guess what IT IS!

Women, and ESPECIALLY the most ATTRACTIVE and desirable women, usually consider the above things to be VERY annoying. Of course, the reason for this is because no matter how good these kinds of behaviors seem on the surface, there's only one conclusion that can be drawn from them: THE GUY DOING THEM IS 100% CERTIFIABLE WUSSY! I know this seems a little severe but as far as generalizations go, this particular one is as close to being true all the time as it gets. It's because she finds your nice-guy "Wuss" behaviors to be ANNOYING. HEY it gets worse. To further confuse things, who hasn’t heard …"I want a STRONG guy who is also SENSITIVE…" or "He needs to have his own life, and his own friends but also be totally focused on me…" Girls often talk about wanting a combination of things in a guy that just don't seem to fit… Are girls crazy? (Yes.)

But seriously, what are they talking about? How is it that girls seem to always talk about wanting guys who have these qualities that don't fit together? You see, when a girl says that she wants a "strong guy who's also sensitive", that's what she MEANS. Remember, ATTRACTION ISN'T A CHOICE and is not always rational either. It happens in an INSTANT, and it happens for all kinds of "irrational" reasons… reasons that even the girls who are feeling it can't usually describe.

So what's the answer here? Review the list above and try to stop annoying us. Yeah I know and it is hard to understand but doing things that seem to be "inconsiderate" in order to give us what we REALLY want (which is a guy who is in control of himself, the situation, and often her). Lean back, act cocky & funny around girls And LEAD the way, don't follow.

Raise your right hand, and repeat after me…"I will stop being a Wussy."