Monday, January 4, 2010


Ever really listen to girls talking about guys, you'll often hear them use the word "ANNOYING" to describe them and the things they do. But on the other hand you will never hear that from a girlfriend when she talks about a guy whom she is ATTRACTED to. Well, after taking note and paying attention to the local girl talk what is it that really makes him annoying?

And guess what I realized to be the root of the problem - IT'S ALMOST ALWAYS A WUSSY BEHAVIOR!
So here is a list of things that many girls consider to be "annoying":
- Calling too often
- Telling her that you have "feelings" for her too early
- Giving away your power to her and making her the boss
- Always asking a woman what she wants instead of leading
- Acting submissive and weak
- Accepting her demands, bossy-ness, and manipulative requests
- Being her doormat and putting your own needs aside

"WHAT?" you say. "HOW COULD THIS BE?"… you might be thinking how is it possible that demonstrating your affection for a woman by calling her, telling her how you feel, letting her make the decisions, and putting her first could be considered ANNOYING, of all things? Well guess what IT IS!

Women, and ESPECIALLY the most ATTRACTIVE and desirable women, usually consider the above things to be VERY annoying. Of course, the reason for this is because no matter how good these kinds of behaviors seem on the surface, there's only one conclusion that can be drawn from them: THE GUY DOING THEM IS 100% CERTIFIABLE WUSSY! I know this seems a little severe but as far as generalizations go, this particular one is as close to being true all the time as it gets. It's because she finds your nice-guy "Wuss" behaviors to be ANNOYING. HEY it gets worse. To further confuse things, who hasn’t heard …"I want a STRONG guy who is also SENSITIVE…" or "He needs to have his own life, and his own friends but also be totally focused on me…" Girls often talk about wanting a combination of things in a guy that just don't seem to fit… Are girls crazy? (Yes.)

But seriously, what are they talking about? How is it that girls seem to always talk about wanting guys who have these qualities that don't fit together? You see, when a girl says that she wants a "strong guy who's also sensitive", that's what she MEANS. Remember, ATTRACTION ISN'T A CHOICE and is not always rational either. It happens in an INSTANT, and it happens for all kinds of "irrational" reasons… reasons that even the girls who are feeling it can't usually describe.

So what's the answer here? Review the list above and try to stop annoying us. Yeah I know and it is hard to understand but doing things that seem to be "inconsiderate" in order to give us what we REALLY want (which is a guy who is in control of himself, the situation, and often her). Lean back, act cocky & funny around girls And LEAD the way, don't follow.

Raise your right hand, and repeat after me…"I will stop being a Wussy."


TheUnwashedMass said...

So does this mean the old "Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" thing has been true all along? Er... Bitch.

LOVE ME♥ said...

haha that's so true poor guys us girls are so confusing! Ha