Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Great Places to Meet Guys

CONCERTS: He’s in a feel-good groove. And since you like the same music, he’s likely to groove with you!
GAS STATIONS: Filling up is boring. Pass time by trying the eye contact move on the guy two pumps over!
VOLUNTEERING: With all the great karma that comes from doing good, you’re sure to make a connection.
AMUSEMENT PARKS: Go in a group with an odd number — then ask a hot guy to sit with you on the Python!
WAITING IN LINE: You’re both at the mercy of the slow barista at Starbucks. Why not talk about it?


Josie said...

All very good ideas.

Lisa Marie Miles said...

I like the amusement park one!

Kate said...

Hmmm a guy once hit on me in the queue for starbucks and I just found it a bit scary. Kate x

The Crazy Magnet said...

What about at the Gym?
I always think thats a good place

Alex said...

How about the bar having a beer?

A baseball or basketball game?

And last but not least girls don't have to search too hard we'll find you.

Great Personal Ads said...

Kate- I don't blame you for feeling scared. Most guys can't just have a conversation with a woman that they find attractive. It's sad but as your statement illustrates men often just try too hard.