Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flirting in the Gym

I’m a huge proponent of meeting people via activities such as the gym or any health club. But I can see where some of us might be a bit concerned about getting to know someone who makes your heart go pitty-patter while you are busy huffing and puffing on the treadmill.
Fear not, let the lesson begin -- flirty and charming while you work-out.
Don’t let the fact that you are about to get physical keep you from putting an ounce of effort into your overall look. I’m certainly not suggesting that you wear your best Saturday night clubbing skirt with that sparkly eye-shadow but take a little bit of pride in attempting to appear as though you didn’t try too hard to look good and try to stay as if you look natural. Show off a bit of your style by wearing funky arm warmers or a pair of socks with bling but keep it simple and just look adorable.
Don’t worry about the sweat. You’re both going to be doing it. If you like each other, you’ll survive. Trust me. If you cannot sweat in front of each other, it wasn’t meant to be but remember to wear deodorant. Hey your crush will be sweating too and they’ll feel more at ease if you too have a bead of sweat not to mention you will have a bit of glow!
If you get one-on-one time, be yourself! Whether you are taking a jog, a bike ride, or getting silly with table tennis or the Wii Fit, use your exercise time as a jumping off point to talking to the fabulous person next to you!


Muser said...

Great blog. I took up your invitation to write a poem about flirting:


Feel free to post it--or not--as you see fit. --Muser.

Daisy said...

thanks and I will post it.