Friday, December 4, 2009

Seduce Gorgeous Shorties - Have Fun By Flirting!!

Contrary to what most guys believe, pretty much any guy can learn to be appealing to girls. Of course, if you’re entirely hideous and haven’t washed for a month, this guide isn’t going to help you in the slightest.
GO TAKE A BATH and if you’re hideous- sorry your not better looking.
But for the rest of you, here’s some dynamite info that’ll help you sky rocket your success with the ladies. It’s no magic bullet, and usually not enough to make her fall head over heels for you, but it’ll certainly see you have a good time, and really enjoy yourself when talking to her.
#1 Eye contact a-plenty guys! Seriously, if you look her in the eye when speaking, it conveys a commanding but not domineering vibe, which you’ll find the girls will respond.
#2 Humor and wit will keep a girl interested in you. Put a play on words and some sexual metaphor (only when appropriate). Girls enjoy a witty, fun, and playful conversation just as much as we do. May funny comments about things around you or whatever pops to mind at the time. If she’s fun at heart you can even poke a little fun at her conversation.
#3 Light touching, I don’t mean fondle her left and right, unless of course she is in to that. If you’ve been having fun and holding an interesting conversation, doing lots of eye contact, and laughing like hell and she’s showing signs of interest you might touch her arm, brushing her leg against yours, or ‘accidently’ touching you. At this point it’s okay to touch back in the same manner. If you feel the chemistry building, and you’re certain you’re comfortable together, feel free to take things further.
That’s it guys - the socially accepted guide to flirting. If you’d like to take a more in depth and speedier approach visit an Adult XXX Dating Service Online and get laid tonight.


Francis said...

Smiling (not too much), confidence, and humor are my tactics. Nice blog.

Clair said...

smiling is great, when is it too much? just curious.

Daisy said...

Smiling makes you approachable. I don't smiling is during a serious, important conversion is good. But who says you smiling is too much.
the ladies like fun smile about it.