Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Most Women like Men to make the first Move

Advice by Zee B
I was chatting with a guy in my favorite chat room yesterday and he was telling me that he’d been at this sexy dating chat room service for nearly 2 years and had never been what he’d call successful in dating women. I’m always up for a challenge like that, and I had seen him in the chat room on quite a few occasions so I knew he was truthful when he said he’d been around for a while. I looked up his details and then ran a scan of the mail logs for his nick. Sure enough in 2 years he had never sent ONE initial email. He’d answered a few but he’d never sent one. So I asked why.
He told me he’d have to be a VIP member to send an email so he just waited around til someone wrote to him. So I asked him why again? Was the cost of the membership so much that he couldn’t afford it and if so, how did he plan to entertain a woman if he found one. He said that he felt that all sites were ripoffs and that he stayed at this site because all the people seemed real and he could talk to them for nothing.
I had to bite my fingers or say something I’d regret, so I said that if the people seemed real and he got so much for free, why wouldn’t he consider upgrading to move things from the computer to real life? He said maybe he should think about that but he always hoped that the women would find his ad and write to him – somehow that would make them more sincere. Women don’t peruse the profiles as much as men hope they do. They don’t have to because the hunter in a man gets there first.
I asked him how many times had he been to a party, bar or club and had had tons of women try to pick him up? He admitted that it had never happened that way and he’d always had to make the first move.
He GOT IT - He took my advice and at that moment joined the site. He processed to write to about 30 women that interested him and he got 5 replies within 5 hours and he just had to tell me. I did give him some tips on that first email but he did it all on his own.
The moral of the story is that regardless of women’s liberation and assertive women – the majority of women wait for a man to take that first step.

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Lucy said...

I agree! Plus it's like what? $25 bucks a month? Isn't that worth love... or sex... or a good conversation with a few nice ladies after you've decided to meet up?

It's totally worth it to invest and write to people you actually like as opposed to waiting for someone to write to you.