Saturday, December 12, 2009

Men's Seduction

Advice by Zee B
Ok, so you want to learn the art of the pick up and I would love to see comments of your own successful pick up techniques. Well if you are like most guys then you need a lot of work! The issue is when trying to pick up a girl you try too hard. The name of the game is to impress a girl but not in the usual way. Most guys have exactly the same approach when they see a girl that they like. However, this lame approach rarely works and girls have perfected their own defense mechanisms for warding off unwanted attention from you guys! You must be subtle about your approach and attraction-building and use her defense mechanisms against her.
Pushing her emotional hot-buttons will work greatly to your advantage. This is exactly what the best pick up artists do!
First off, when going out, try not to think too much that you're out to meet girl. Instead view it as a social experiment where you’re out to meet new people! When you approach a girl DO NOT become too invested in the pick-up or the interaction. So what if you don’t get her number! There are plenty more fish in the sea.
This attitude will keep you sharp and ensure you are unaffected by any rejection that you may experience. However, there is another side-effect of this attitude – it is one of the very things that make you attractive to a girl!

By having a “take you or leave you” type attitude and being unaffected by her opinion of you; you are displaying higher social standing! If she doesn’t want to talk to you it’s her loss because you are popular and in demand! So talk to lots of people. Learn to be a “people person”. Smile and nod and become comfortable interacting with new people you meet. Single girls notice these small things.
Don't get too hung-up on one girl. That is the frequent mistake most men make. They try and provoke one girl, get rejected and then give up completely. Work the room!
Bear in mind that rejection can only make you better at the pick-up. When you start don’t expect every woman to say “yes” to you. Your failures will act as learning experiences and through practice you will know exactly what to do and say depending on the situation you are in and the people you are talking to.
Make sure you are in a crowd and take the leader role in it. If the crowd look like they are enjoying themselves and laughing this will be noticed by girls. So seek the company of fun friends. You can be in the company of both men and women as this will not affect your chances of picking-up another girl but only make you more attractive.
Sometimes you should use your friends for social networking. This is especially true of your female friends. Get them to introduce you to their single girlfriends!


plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Sound advice. I reckon women like a bit of nonchalance.
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Princess T said...

no nonchalance please!

Just be direct! It takes a girl all of a nano-second to decide whether she likes a guy or not, and probably she's already decided before the guy says anything.

So just smile and say hi to any girl you like. If she doesn't respond favourably, move on, if she does, pay her a complement and offer to buy her a drink etc. Keep it simple, and be yourself.

And so the chase begins.