Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Look sharp and the ladies might take a second look!

Advice by Zee B
In a world of no women, a man can walk around his house wearing boxers. He can kick a beer can off the floor into the aquarium. He can burp and fart and no one would even bother to give you a second glance. There would be not one girl who would ever say "Aren't you going to shave?" or "Why is the toilet seat up?"
But since this is not the case! Men have to groom themselves to seem like you have a million bucks pasted all over them. So your first priority should be looking sharp, stop dressing like Bevis and Butthead. Instead, try to do something that would make you look better. And always look good, at least as good as you can. Go get yourself a new hairstyle, pick up a few smells that would highlight your personality and style. Basically, do all the works and the ladies might take a second look.

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Francis said...

I burp and walk around half naked all the time around women and they don't seem to mind! But I do have a sense of style and always wear the best scents so that might give me some leeway.