Friday, December 11, 2009

A flirty Striptease can be the best Present

Afraid of Bringing Out the Little Sex Kitten in You, and Reveal it to Your Mate?
One you got the guy it might be fun to do some flirting with a striptease. It could be the perfect Christmas gift. All You need for a good strip tease is a little imagination, a bit of courage, and a sense of adventure. It can be a huge turn-on, and not just for your guy. Shedding your inhibitions to get dressed down and show off your body is sexy, not to mention loads of fun. Here I will tell you more about the flirty art of a strip tease.

Stripping for your guy can make you feel a lot more sexier and comfortable with your own body, which in turn is great for your sex life. You don't need a fireman's pole to floor your mate, although you might want to consider one since they are popular now but just use your imagination. Just use a hint of confidence and loads of mischievous attitude. Learn to love your body and watch how you can make your mate love your body too! Remember, you're hot stuff!

Practice in the mirror. Work your head, and get into the groove. Picture yourself gyrating and dancing, and figure out what makes you feel sexiest. Is it your butt, your breasts or your shoulders? Emphasize more on the assets you're ready to bare and do a good job at working it. The key to get confident is to imagine yourself and do what you think will make you look hot. TIP: No-jumping-jacks-when-you're-naked. That's not sexy, it's actually quite repulsive.

Mood music! That's just the right thing you need to add a bit of zing to your mind and assets. While you're out clubbing, have you ever realized that you feel sexier when you're dancing to a particular song, rather than the others? Now that's your calling card. And that's your magic move, baby!

Clothes are pretty much the most important thing, even though you're going to take it all off. Getting naked is the last act, but your clothes remain all the way to the end, so focus on your clothes. What does your mate like? Wear something your mate thinks looks hot on you. These days, lots of stores have cropped up with naughty lingerie or costumes, and if you can't find anything you like there, get online. They don't cost much, and you'd have your costumes delivered in a couple of days.

Lights, my advice for starters, dim the lights to add that bit of romance and mystery. And more than all of that, dim the light to hide your awkwardness. But not so much that your mate will have a hard time finding you! Or have one bedside lamp on beside you, while you move to the music. You'll have your mate begging to touch you in no time! Also think about props I bet you can come up with something.

Does your guy like your butt? Then show it all off! If you've got something, flaunt it, shake it and let your mate crave for it! That's why you've been given that body in the first place. Go around your mate, touch them seductively and tease them. Go on until they beg you to let them hold you, and if your mate is a bit too frisky, have their hands tied to the back of the chair or to the bed post. And to rub it in, you could also undress your mate while you get clothes off your body. So by the time you're finished with yourself, you'd have your mate ready for you too.
Taking your mate's clothes off with your teeth can be extremely arousing, just as long as your hands are running all over their body. And one more thing, you really need to go slow with the strip, because the strip is what makes the tease. Don't rush it while taking your clothes off let him wait for the grand finale, so until then, just have fun.

The final act, and it all comes down to this one moment. Every minute of the act has to be interesting, and yet, the final act has to be awesome. And that's what you've got to do, give your mate a showdown that would have their eyes popping out! Keep your G-strings or briefs on until this one moment of glory, and at the last stroke take it all off, and just watch your mate while you're in the buff. Feel sexy, and fall in love with your own body. For the curtain call, walk right up to your mate and finish the show with a much deserved lap dance, or just go down on your knees. A good strip tease will leave you with a lot of confidence and a lot of sex appeal, and not to mention, a lot more carpet burns!

HEY guys it might be fun to see you do a striptease too!


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